Why are probiotics so important?

Probiotics are vital for your overall health. If you have ever been prescribed a course of antibiotics, the chances are that your doctor added some probiotics to the prescription.  Probiotics balance your good and bad gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits like good digestive health. When you take […]

The worst health trends on social media

Social media health trends can be both beneficial and detrimental to people who are looking to become healthier, but it all depends on where you are looking.  Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have loads of resources to help health enthusiasts find like-minded people by way of groups, pages and hashtags specifically aimed at health and […]

Dandruff: Causes and treatments

Are you frustrated and a little bit embarrassed by dandruff that falls on to your shoulders, even though you know your hair is freshly washed and clean? Most shampoo commercials liken dandruff to a recipe for social isolation. Relax, they are being quite dramatic. Yes, dandruff can sometimes be hard to treat, but there are […]

How are vaccines developed?

Vaccinations have recently become a contentious issue. The online parenting community is at odds on whether or not vaccines are necessary. Some are even advocating against childhood vaccinations. Anti-vaxxers – the name for people who are against vaccinations – say that vaccines could be dangerous and also cause conditions like autism in children. But, what […]

MSG: What is it and why is it so bad for you?

MSG, or Monosodium Glutamate, has been at the centre of nutrition discussions for years. Natural health ambassadors are adamant that the additive causes a myriad of undesirable side effects while scientists have debunked these claims. Many medical experts and authorities, like the FDA, claim that MSG is safe. MSG has long been associated with fast […]

Dry Eye Syndrome: Everything there is to know

Healthy eyes are moist. When your eyes are thriving, they are bright, with stainless white sclera that doesn’t have a yellow or brown tint. There are many outside factors that can dry out the eyes temporarily; like the weather or air-conditioning. But, Dry Eye Syndrome is a chronic and typically progressive condition that isn’t always […]

Child Health: How to help your baby through shots and blood tests

Child Health – No parents want to see their child suffer. But, we all know that once a baby is born, there will be a large number of unpleasant but mandatory shots and tests that they will need to undergo in the first few years of life. These shots are routine, legally mandated vaccines to […]

Detox Diets: Do they work?

Keeping your body healthy and free from toxins is a top priority.  If you have recently embarked on a health journey of some sort, that is great news – well done. It speaks to your dedication to living a long, healthy life in a body that is in tip-top shape.  Most people start their healthy-eating […]

How alcohol affects your body

Alcohol is socially acceptable, recreationally. It is a legal indulgence (for those over the age of 18) that can be enjoyed responsibly. Alcohol plays a part in many celebratory events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, which usually kick off with a toast of some kind.  But research has warned that even the occasional tipple […]

Nutrition: What makes a healthy diet

What does a healthy diet consist of? Healthy Diet – There are hundreds if not thousands of theories as to what a healthy diet should look like. The word diet is a misnomer. Many people believe the word diet means ‘a restriction of food”, but diet in this instance is, in fact, the term used […]