Detox Diets: Do they work?

Keeping your body healthy and free from toxins is a top priority.  If you have recently embarked on a health journey of some sort, that is great news – well done. It speaks to your dedication to living a long, healthy life in a body that is in tip-top shape.  Most people start their healthy-eating […]

How alcohol affects your body

Alcohol is socially acceptable, recreationally. It is a legal indulgence (for those over the age of 18) that can be enjoyed responsibly. Alcohol plays a part in many celebratory events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, which usually kick off with a toast of some kind.  But research has warned that even the occasional tipple […]

Nutrition: What makes a healthy diet

What does a healthy diet consist of? Healthy Diet – There are hundreds if not thousands of theories as to what a healthy diet should look like. The word diet is a misnomer. Many people believe the word diet means ‘a restriction of food”, but diet in this instance is, in fact, the term used […]

Healthcare: Important checks during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. You are growing a whole human being inside of your own body and that is a miraculous feat. But in order to ensure that your little baby is safe and healthy in your womb, there are a few important tests and check-ups that you need to have during your gestation […]

Child Nutrition: Healthy lunches for Lockdown

Child nutrition is something every parent should be aware of. Children need loads of nutrients to feed their developing minds and bodies. Some parents choose to give their kids supplements and vitamins, which is wonderful, but most of your child’s nutrients will come from the food that he or she eats.  In the lockdown, getting […]

Neck Pain: What can you do about it

Neck pain is a universal healthcare issue. Whether the pain is from too much time spent at the laptop or in front of the TV, or you are suffering from a condition that causes the pain; neck pain affects a large part of the world’s population.  Most complaints of neck pain are for superficial injuries. […]

The Coronavirus Update for South Africa

The Coronavirus Update for South Africa The statistics of the spread of the coronavirus in South Africa are changing by the day, but as it stands, over five people have recovered from the COVID-19. Also, unfortunately, by April 1, five people have died from the coronavirus.  Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal still account for […]

Sleep: Why is it so important?

Everybody loves a few extra hours of sleep, especially when that annoying alarm clock goes off at 5 am. Most mornings, you could swear that you have just closed your eyes, and suddenly six hours have passed; time to wake up and be an adult! In a ‘rise and grind’ culture, we are finding ourselves […]

How to stay healthy at work

As much as building a great career is an important goal as an adult, people need to bear in mind that if they aren’t healthy, they cannot do anything (or at least, they cannot do anything to the best of their ability). Your personal well-being will always outrank any office duties – although many people […]

Sinusitis: How to relieve and overcome it.

Whether you are suffering from sinusitis or general nasal congestion and pressure, there are many things that you can do to ease the symptoms. Congestion can be caused by colds and flu, allergies, dust, dairy products and many other things.  But first, what exactly is sinusitis?  Sinusitis is an infection of the sinus; the paranasal […]